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The company was formed by Michael Bishop five years ago to provide an accountancy and bookkeeping service in the South Devon area.  The intention was to create a service that was value added, giving the client more than traditionally expected from a firm of accountants.  We have accomplished this goal and continue to provide an excellent and unique service.

Most traditional accountants complete your year end figures and send in your tax return, but then have little other contact (other than to chase up their invoice).  We consider that in the current financial climate, clients deserve and want much more.  Your bookkeeping needs to be kept up to date, to ensure that you comply with new legislation and you need to keep an eye on the figures in order to succeed and move forward with your business.

As a client you would expect to have up-to-date financial information to enable you to make decisions in your business.  You need to trust your accountant to keep your records and tax affairs up to date, and to avoid fines.  You need to know that your accountant keeps a constant watch on your accounts and finances to forewarn you of any possible future problem.  To sum this up, you need an accountant and bookkeeper who will take an active interest in your business, and who will keep in contact on a regular basis.  This ensures that you can concentrate on the business of being successful and making money, while we look after the financial side for you.

At Dennington Bishop Ltd, we provide this service and much, much more.

Specialist Requirements:

Through our professional body, The Association of Certified Public Accountants and a network of other experienced contacts, we are able to provide specific advice on complicated and specialist areas of accountancy, taxation and law.  If we cannot answer specialist questions ourselves, we have the contacts who can.  We provide a complete, one-stop accountancy and taxation service, that you can depend on.

*For further details of Michael Bishop and his accountancy qualifications and experience, please click the 'team' button on the top left of this page

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