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Standard Payroll:

Using our specialist software, we can offer a fully comprehensive payroll service for small and medium business employers.

If you are just starting employing staff we can advise you on what to do to stay within the law and set up a payroll system that suits your requirements.  You can pay your staff weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly, and all you need to do is to let us have the details of the hours worked and the hourly rate, or monthly salary and we do everything else.  We produce the payslips and a summary showing details of the payroll for the period, and forward to you.

On your behalf we submit monthly figures to HMRC or a nil-return and can organise making payment to HMRC direct, if you require.

We can provide you with a basic contract of employment for each employee together with details of your business terms and conditions on matters such as health and safety.

At the end of each tax year we complete the end of year figures and submit your annual return to HMRC and supply the P60 statements to your employees.

There are many other areas to take into account such as holidays, sickness and maternity leave, but we will handle all these procedures for you, helping you to keep your payroll easy to manage.

To summarise, we take care of everything to do with your payroll, ensuring that your statutory duties are met and that you can concentrate running your business, without having to concern yourself with this aspect of employing staff.

We would be very happy to discuss your requirements, give you a quotation for our services and explain what is involved in the employment of staff.


Payroll in the Construction Industry:

Payment of sub-contractors in the construction industry is different from normal payroll, because special rules have been put in place by HMRC to ensure that it is difficult for construction workers to avoid paying tax.

To pay a sub-contractor, the employer has to deduct tax, usually at 20% from any payments, and then pay this deduction to HMRC and send in a return of these  payments every month.

We can make the whole process simple for the employer.  We enter the details of each sub-contractor on our payroll system, verify them with HMRC and produce payslips showing how much tax has been deducted and how much should be paid to the sub-contractor.

If you require any further information on employing sub-contractors, please let us know.


For further details or a quotation please contact us as shown below:

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